Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance is like having an umbrella to cover you on a rainy day. This type of policy provides coverage above the limits of your auto or homeowners insurance. So if an incident occurs that uses all of your traditional insurance, then umbrella insurance will contribute to the remaining expenses.

People with significant assets to protect from a lawsuit usually have umbrella coverage. To qualify, you must have the maximum coverage available on your existing policies. You can then insure for additional liability from $1 million to $10 million.

Umbrella coverage is for accidents and injuries that occur both on and off of your property. For instance, homeowners insurance won’t cover you if you’re walking your dog and it bites someone. Umbrella coverage would provide assistance. Expenses resulting form property damage, false arrest, and invasion of privacy are covered as well.

The coverage will also retain legal counsel to represent you. And your legal fees will be paid – up to policy limits.

The smallest amount of umbrella insurance available is $1 million. It rises in increments of $1 million. The maximum coverage for most insurers is $10 million.

Umbrella insurance isn’t typical insurance. Most people have no use for this type of insurance. But if you do have significant assets to protect, then you might benefit from umbrella coverage. Some insurers offer discounts on premiums when your home and vehicles are also insured through them.