Flood Insurance

Flood Insurance

A flood can cause more damage than most people realize. This is why it’s important to have flood insurance if your home is located in a place likely to experience flooding. Flood insurance covers your home and belongings up to a specified amount in the event of a flood. Traditional homeowners insurance doesn’t cover flooding. You must buy the coverage separately.

This insurance is for homeowners, renters, commercial owners and commercial renters who live in high-risk areas for flooding. It is highly recommended for people in those areas, but the option is also available for people who live in low-risk flood areas.

How it Works

When your property is insured, and a flood occurs, then the insurance company assesses the damage. They pay to cover the costs of your contents and structural repairs to the property. A business can purchase flood insurance the same as a person can for their home.


There are several benefits, most notably is the fact that it covers your contents and property damaged in a flood. You can expect to pay anywhere from $700 and up per year for coverage. But this is nothing compared to the average cost of damage from a flood. This means having insurance will save you a lot of money in the long run.