Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial auto insurance is like traditional car insurance, except it is for business vehicles. Any vehicle used for business purposes is eligible for commercial auto insurance. Any business owner who uses vehicles in the operation of their business needs this insurance. Otherwise, the company could be destroyed should a serious auto accident occur.

This policy provides insurance coverage for businesses and commercial drivers. The policyholder can tailor their plan to their specific needs. If anything happens to a business vehicle, such as damage from an accident, a claim can be made with the insurance provider.

This insurance is great for businesses. If the driver or operator of the vehicle is responsible for damages to another vehicle, then the insurance will cover a specific amount of the damages. When a vehicle is used often, the chances of an accident increase. So with business, it’s very smart to have commercial auto insurance.

A business owner should make sure their coverage includes liability, collision, medical payments and comprehensive damages. Liability coverage can include bodily injury and property damage. Comprehensive coverage will pay for any damage incurred because of a fire, theft, a flood or vandalism.

Some business owners purchase commercial umbrella coverage, which is for large liability claims. This will pay any amount that the commercial auto insurance doesn’t cover. In any case, a business owner who uses vehicles in their business should have commercial auto insurance.