Give a Child a Chance at Life

Our agency is on an ongoing mission to support the life-saving efforts of Batson Children’s Hospital. We can’t begin to imagine how difficult it can be when parents are faced with a tough diagnosis of a critical life-altering illness for their little one. Such a piece of devastating news can impact families’ lives so much and we hope to raise awareness and support to the struggles many in our community are facing at this very moment through our daily operations.

We do this not because we are philanthropists but because we are neighbors and we operate in the business of protection. As insurance agents, we wake up every day with a goal to safeguard the people who we interact with and we want to extend our support to those that are hurting the most.

Batson Children Hospital’s caring team of talented health experts work hard to make sure every child is given a chance at life. They provide resources and support for families of children that are in need of transplants, critical medical procedures, and intensive drug treatments. With the help of your recommendation, we help them continue their success story. Will you join us?

You too can join our efforts! For every friend, family, or neighbor you send our way for a FREE insurance quote, our agency will donate $10 on your behalf.

Changing lives has never been so easy or FREE!